Stephenie Erickson

Marketing Director

Introducing Stephenie Erickson, a dynamic professional who seamlessly transitioned from her role as a Call Center Manager to become a Brand Ambassador and Director of Marketing for WM Home Inspections. With a knack for communication and a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction, Stephenie excels in her new role, leveraging her extensive experience in managing client relationships and exceeding expectations.

Stephenie's journey began in the fast-paced world of call center management, where she honed her skills in problem-solving, team leadership, and strategic planning. Recognized for her exceptional ability to connect with customers and deliver top-notch service, she quickly rose through the ranks, earning the respect of her peers and superiors alike.

Driven by a desire to explore new horizons and make a meaningful impact, Stephenie embraced the opportunity to join WM Home Inspections as a Brand Ambassador and Director of Marketing. In this role, she thrives on educating clients about the importance of home inspections and ensuring that they feel confident and informed throughout the process.

Stephenie's dedication to excellence, coupled with her genuine passion for helping others, makes her a valuable asset to the WM Home Inspections team. Whether she's sharing her expertise with first-time homebuyers or collaborating with real estate professionals, Stephenie is committed to delivering unparalleled service and building lasting relationships.

Outside of work, Stephenie enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her community, and exploring new adventures. With her positive attitude and unwavering dedication, she continues to inspire others and leave a lasting impression wherever she goes.

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